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Birthday cake

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Silent Sunday


Five years ago, Martin was making our favourite meal of grilled chicken tacos* while I watched Mission Impossible reruns on the TV. I heard a pop from inside my belly and our lives were never the same.

baba grizzlin

Watching him grow over the past five years has been an incredible journey. He gets more and more clever each day. Sometimes it’s my own mission impossible and I can’t keep up!

Clever boy

So, today is a very special day. My baby grizzlin is no longer ‘baby grizzlin’, he’s ‘boy grizzlin’ turning five. Happy birthday, Grady Joe!

Birthday boy

Lego Ninjago birthday boy

Lemon cake with marshmallow frosting

Tonight, we celebrate with hot dogs (sausages), chicken nuggets and lemon cake with marshmallow frosting!

Also, happy birthday to my Papa Joe, whom I miss very very much. Since they share the same birthday, I made sure they shared the name.


*Martin did get to have the chicken tacos in the end since I was sent back home, but I never did find out what happened at the end of that episode of Mission Impossible… 🙂

Last Sunday, we celebrated Grandma-in-law’s 91st birthday. It was a pot luck affair and luckily, I was in charge of the cake. I wanted something seasonal. light and fun so I turned to the ladies at Primrose Bakery. Although, it is their ‘Cupcake’ book, there are some cake recipes in the back. The lemon sponge recipe would be a winner.


Cake preparation

They suggest using a buttercream frosting, but I thought vanilla whipped cream would be the perfect companion. A light cake called for a light frosting. Plus after all of the other food, I didn’t want the guests leaving feeling heavy from the cake.

Whipped cream filling

Whipped cream, while easy to prepare, is a bit less forgiving when it comes to applying it to the cake. If you attempt your own whipped cream frosting, I suggest making a bit extra to help cover up any mistakes or crumbs that make their way into the mixture.

Lemon cake with whipped cream frosting

I originally wanted to make it sort of a strawberry lemon shortcake cake, but strawberries have just come in to season. I might just try that out mid June when they are at their prime.

Cake ready for transport

It was a winner with everyone from the young to the young at heart.

Cakes for kids

*photo courtesy of David Johnson

Happy 91st birthday, Nan!

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