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Cybher is in a few days and I, like many other ladies in the blogosphere and Twittersphere, cannot wait.  My blog has been severely neglected due to a lot of unexpected things taking precedence this year, but Cybher is just the thing to give me the inspiration and the much needed kick up the butt to get back on track.

Cybher 2013

I’m really looking forward to seeing the lovely ladies of The High Tea Cast, whose Twitter banter makes me laugh on a daily basis.  I’m not sure they can top the cupcake headgear they sported last year though! Additionally, we’ll be celebrating the launch of Mario Cacciottolo’s tour as he takes ‘Someone Once Told Me‘ across the world… And these are just two of the highlights you can expect from Saturday!!!

If you’re going to Cybher, do say hello.  I’ll be the one dressed like Peggy Olson and shouting about badges, trying to keep them organised while you go through registration.

**File under: bring me a margarita or my log saw something that night**

On 12th May, in the most beautiful, most central venue in London, a female-centered blogging conference was ready to kick off. Welcome to Cybher!
Once just an idea of Sian To (aka geekisnewchic/mummy-tips), now a reality – and I was very proud to be a part of it. Conferences are difficult to get the balance right, especially for bloggers, trying to please hundreds of people – all with strong opinions – who then write about it. But to me Cybher was different. All of the panels, sessions and sponsors were relevant, inspiring and informative.

Before it all kicked off, we blew off some steam at Top of the Town, as pictured with Melaina25 and BumpWearClaire.

The night before

And after a tense morning of organising badges, Cybher was finally underway.

And so it begins...Cybher 12

It was a pleasure to be announcing some very interesting panels, such as Jo Gifford’s innovative session for blog design. She could not be in attendance due to illness, but still presented via a video and Twitter Q&A.

Pass the mic

The subject of kids and online security is something that is important to me, so the session with Jill Hunley from AVG discussing the Digital Diaries programme was very interesting. The key message I took from this one was that parents need to be educated in online security/awareness just as much as the children do to keep them safe.

AVG Digital Diaries

I’ve been photographing to some extent for 32 years. I’m not great, I haven’t retained everything I’ve learned over the years, but I do love it. So given the opportunity, I will always participate in a photography session, no matter how basic or advanced as there is always something to learn. I started out shooting 35mm film with a no frills SLR. I still use an SLR when I can. Digital photography is something I am still trying to get my head around. I have a great bridge camera, but probably do not use it to its full capability. Anyway… Back to Cybher… Mario Cacciottolo (yes, I had to practice saying that and still got it wrong when I introduced his sesssion!) has a photography based blog/website called ‘Someone Once Told Me’ where he captures a subject holding a quote of something memorable someone once told them. During this session, he focused on how to capture interesting portrait photography no matter where you are. The key things are lighting, background and a prop. If you don’t have a prop use the hands… hands are very expressive and can add personality to a seemingly static (or boring, even) situation.

Mario photography session

I personally like more candid ‘portrait’ shots, so here’s one I took of Tara in action.

Tara photography session

After a long day of introducing sessions, chatting with other bloggers and generally running around. Cybher was over and it was a success! If you were there, do you agree?

Here’s to Cybher and to Sian and to new friends and most of all… here’s to next year! Bring on Cybher 13


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