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Finding cards for Valentine’s Day is always a tough one, especially with my busy schedule it’s hard to get out to actually purchase cards. I don’t usually go for the lovey-dovey sappy sentiment so I like having the option to personalise cards and choose what I want it to say.

ChuckleMonster is a great option for those who want to personalise cards with their loved one’s name or by uploading an image to create an extra special Valentine’s photo card.

404 x 404 card image_valentines

I was able to choose cards for each my husband and my son to suit both of their personalities and order them in less than 5 minutes, allowing me to get on with my busy day. What’s even better, all Valentine’s cards get free shipping!  If you are in need of cards for any occasion, Chuckle Monster is a way to go.

Check out ChuckleMonster’s Valentine’s competition on Facebook where one lucky winner will receive a Hotel Chocolat hamper with a bottle of Prosecco and a personalized Valentine’s Day card, or follow them on Twitter: @Chuckle_Monster.

** This is a review for ChuckleMonster, who provided me with free cards to review for Valentine’s Day. All opinions are my own**


Hands up, who loves chocolate? *hand raised high up* Yep, I love chocolate. I was also lucky enough to be approached by a new chocolatier Chocolate by Genevie to review chocolates available from her new online shop.

Last week, I was welcomed home by a very pretty package. Thankfully, my husband saved the unboxing until I got home from work.

Pretty package

shiny box

unboxing chocolate

Inside were eight beautifully crafted chocolates.

Eight is enough

close up chocolate

Not only did these chocolates look beautiful, they tasted beautiful. Just rich, indulgent cocoa each teamed with pistachio, marzipan, coffee, or just more chocolate ganache. This ‘Silver Box 8 Chocolates’ is only available from the website for £8.99 and would make a perfect gift for someone who enjoys chocolate. Thanks, Genevie!

There are a few competitions from other bloggers to win Chocolates by Genevie, if I were you I’d make sure to enter!

*I was sent a box of chocolates for review, but these thoughts are my own.*

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we love all sorts of cooking and baking in the Whiteman house.  Between myself and Martin, we’ve got baking and cooking sorted. We love meat and having meat delivered to our door was something we’ve often entertained, but hadn’t had the opportunity to do… until now.

I was recently asked to review the services of Westin Gourmet Meats and their ‘one time offer‘ deal, a selection of meats delivered straight to your door.  This package consist of:

• 1x 6oz Hereford Sirloin Steak
• 1x 6oz Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak
• 1x 1kg Packs of Steak Mince
• 2x 7-8oz Pork Loin Steaks
• 1x 1.5kg Whole Corn Fed Chicken
• 10x 4oz Gourmet Steak Burgers
• 24x Award Winning Cumberland Sausages

We received the parcel on the arranged date and when it arrived, it was beautifully packed in a insulated box with freezer bags ensuring the meat arrived at its freshest.


Keen to start cooking, we opted for the Aberdeen and Hereford steaks as our first meal. Both steaks were equal in size – 6oz – which was the perfect size for one person.

Aberdeen and Hereford steaks

Out of the packaging, you could tell the steaks were of high quality and cut by an experienced butcher.

steaks ready for the grill

We grilled both steaks at the same time, but made sure to keep them separated so we could tell the difference for a taste test.

steaks on the grill

more steaks on the grill

As it was a mid-week meal, we didn’t want it to be heavy so we just served the steaks with a generous helping of garden peas.

steak and peas

Both of the sirloin steaks were excellently grilled (thank you, Martin) and were very tender (thank you Westin Gourmet). We cut the steaks in half so that both of us could enjoy the regional differences of each sirloin steak. Martin preferred the meatier flavour of the Aberdeen, while I preferred the sweeter Hereford, but we both agreed that both steaks were amazing and probably one of the best steaks we’ve ever had.  I would highly recommend steaks from Westin Gourmet and can’t wait to get cooking the rest of the meat from the delivery.

*This is a review. I was sent the meat at no charge from Westin Gourmet, but all views and opinions are my own.   Please keep reading as I’ll be featuring more meats from Westin Gourmet in the coming weeks. Next up – Corn fed chicken!*

Westin Gourmet

My son is at the age where he can be, to put it mildly, disagreeable. Getting ready for school can be quite a production especially when it comes to brushing teeth. When I was approached to review the new My Way Kids Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be a great opportunity for Mini G to embrace the act of brushing his teeth.

Arm&Hammer spinbrush


The Spinbrush is perfect for kids as they can decorate and personalise to their interests. It comes with over 140 stickers including enough letters to spell out names. If you have more than one child in your family, they can put their names on them too for easy identification.

sticker selection

Mini G is learning to read, so this was a perfect opportunity to get him to pick out the letters of his name and stick on the toothbrush.


He also loves stickers, so he had a great time applying them to the brush.

stickers on brush

As this is a battery operated ‘electric’ toothbrush, it helps clean his teeth a bit more thoroughly than just brushing with a manual toothbrush.

proud kid

Getting out of the house in the morning can still be a difficult task, but brushing teeth has become a lot easier.

brushing teeth

**I was sent the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush toothbrush free of charge for review. These views are my own.**

Mini G is a big fan of Ben 10.  He’s been watching the cartoons for about a year, ranging from Ben’s early years up to the later years of Alien Force, so when I was asked to review the Ben 10 Alien Locator iPhone app, we jumped at the chance.


My family recently went on holiday to the Norfolk coast.  Unfortunately, the weather was less than stellar for a beach side visit.  This did, however, give Mini G and I a chance to check out the Ben 10 Alien Locator game on my phone.

The game is rated 4+, which is good because Mini G is 4 (going on 14), but I had a go first to see what it was all about and to show G how to play.

There are 15 levels of play and each one gets incrementally faster.  Mini G was find for the first few levels, but then gave up as it became a bit too difficult.  I played through a few more, and yes, it does go very fast.


For younger kids, I think this game is great for memory association.  They have to look in the corner to see which Alien they need to tap (or locate) and then find the ones that match exactly.  For older kids (or adults), this game is challenging and keeps you playing.

This game will definitely stay in our app collection to be played by Mini G as he gets older, but I am sure I’ll be having a go every now and then for some Alien Locator fun.

Ben 10 Alien Locator iPhone App is available from the iTunes store for £1.79.

**This app was provided to me at no charge for review and these views are my own.**

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