As part of the Mumsnet and My Farm project to re-connect our children with where food comes from, Farmers Whiteman3 went out to the National Trust Wimpole Estate to see what the farm was all about.

Finding Home Farm

Upon entry to the Home Farm, we came across some of the cows. I asked MiniG what came from cows and he correctly answered “Milk”. He had great fun on the milking demo. It’s a shame we missed the proper demo to see Gerty in action.

Mini G milking machine

Before moving to the UK, the most involved with livestock I got was deciding how many cattle to buy when putting together my wagon train playing Oregon Trail. I’m fascinated by farm life and living off “the fat of the land”. I really admire what River Cottage has done for this industry and especially what My Farm is doing to involve us “regular joes” in the farming decision making process.

The next vote is about deciding which breed gets a bull. I’ll be reading up on the differences between Shetlands, Gloucesters and Irish Moileds – all of which are rare breeds.


You see this sign on the packages of meat you buy in supermarkets, but it really puts it into perspective to see where they live and how they are raised.

RCPCA approved

Beef isn’t on our weekly menu as much as I’d like, and as such Mini G didn’t know that in addition to milk, beef comes from cows. I explained to him that this is where roast beef comes from before we buy it in the shops.

Bovine intervention

I love pigs.

I think they might just be my favourite of the farm animals. It might go back to my love of Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, who knows… The pig is a well revered animal in our house as its meat provides us with a lot of meals. Mini G knows that his bacon, ham and sausages come from a pig.

Mini G piglets



Buying local is really important for ecological and sustainability. Knowing where your food comes from and that it is quality makes cooking – and eating – much more pleasurable.

British pork

The My Farm community is a great opportunity to re-connect where food comes from for adults as well as children. Since visiting, Mini G talks a lot more about what he’s eating and where it comes from.

Wimpole machinery

Watch this space for the verdict of the vote which closes on 13th February.