Like most of you, I have been glued to my television watching the summer sporting event that only comes around every four years, where athletes from all over the world compete for gold, silver and bronze. It definitely has ‘inspired a generation’, especially in our household. G has even signed up for swimming lessons, determined to be the next Michael Phelps in the 2024 games (see last photo).

A week prior to the global festivities starting, we went on holiday to Cornwall and stumbled across the latest phenomenon – paddle boarding. We were lucky enough to witness what looked like a ‘flash mob’ paddle board race. The participants just appeared from no where, lined up and took off into the sea! Although, not an featured sport yet in the Games, it sparked and inspired us to embrace our love of swimming and get in the pool.

Boards at the ready

Whistle blows

Hitting the waves

Paddle board entourage

Paddle balance

Artistic wave

And a final addition of the inspired swimmer…

Inspired swimmer

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