I have become a farmer.

My husband says that I am the most unlikely candidate for this as I am such a ‘Townie’, but ever since moving to the UK, farming has piqued my interest.

A little background on me – I grew up in the epitome of suburban California. Sure, there were farms somewhere around Roseville, but I never visited them. The closest I came to interacting with farm life was walking by livestock auctions through 4-H club at Denio’s. Chickens came from frozen from Foster Farms and our meat came from Bel-Air supermarket or Roseville Meats.

When the opportunity arose to become part of the National Trust’s My Farm/Mumsnet project to re-connect kids with where food comes from, I jumped at the chance. My son, G, is a really picky eater but one thing he loves is roast meat. He’s a big fan of animals and farms, too. Through My Farm, I am able to show him where his roast meat comes from and the importance of how the animals are bred and raised.

As My Farm farmers, we have a say in what happens at the farm – whether it is how many crops are sown or which breed of cow gets a bull. It is a good feeling knowing that we will contribute to the benefit and growth of the farming community.

Watch this space for Farmer Whiteman3’s adventures with My Farm and the National Trust.