Apparently, there’s an ultimate Christmas song meme going around. I wasn’t tagged, but I jumped in anyway. We were discussing Christmas songs in the office and I heard my favorite coming from the other room, so I ran through to have a sing along. For some reason, I have always identified with The Waitresses, especially ‘Christmas Wrapping’. It’s a bit anti-Christmas, but I think that’s kinda what I like most about it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a YouTube video of the actual song, so I’ve included two versions. I’m tagging Laura,  George and Colleen in this Meme…

So without further ado, here is my ultimate Christmas song – Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses as interpreted by Lightorama:


And the Dog is Dead version, because they are a hip and happenin’ band (and I am trying to cling to my indie cred with both hands):

Thanks for including me Mummy-Tips!