After a long day, I like to turn off my brain.

I get Mini G safely tucked in bed then I curl up on the sofa with Martin so we can enjoy a tasty meal and some TV crime drama. Through the TV shows we travel between Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC and New York City with some of our favourites like NICS LA, CSI, NCIS, CSI NY, Person of Interest and Fringe.  It’s a nice escape.

On our TV adventure, we enjoy a glass of wine and some chocolate.  Although some red wines do not go well with chocolate, we have found a pairing that was made to go together.  For the red, I highly recommend Pena de Pato from Portugal (currently on offer at Majestic Wines as part of their Portugal promotion).  The perfect accompaniment to this red is the Montezuma’s Lordy Lord, a dark chocolate with cocoa nibs.  The chocolate nibs add a bit of a crunch and the smokey chocolate goes very well with the spicy, fruity Portuguese vinho tinto.

Ahhh…. That’s better!


*These views are my own. I purchased the wine and the chocolate for my own enjoyment.*