As autumn is now here and in full swing, I am already thinking back to last week where we were enjoying the remaining summer fruit and veg booty. When I think of summer food, corn on the cob is one that comes to mind.  Growing up, we used to eat it regularly with summer meals like barbecued chicken or hamburgers. The season for corn on the cob is a bit shorter in the UK, but when late August/early September rolls around I make sure to incorporate it into our menus.

In addition to barbecue, corn is a perfect accompaniment to Mexican dishes.  Grilled corn on the cob, corn seasoned with cumin, corn integrated into salads – these are just a few that I’ve made to incorporate fresh corn on the cob into our meals.

As the weather isn’t always as summery as one would hope in late August/early September, I can’t rely on the barbecue to grill corn so as a back up, I use our handy griddle pan.


Shredded chicken or pork goes well with grilled corn on the cob and to enhance the meal, I added fresh salsa verde with tomatillos. This was the last of our green zebra tomatoes and tomatillos, too.

Another way to spice up a meal with corn-on-the-cob, is adding a corn salad to leftovers – like roast chicken.  I added jalapeno peppers and tossed in a skillet with cumin butter.  Serve with Mexican rice and leftover chicken and you have a fantastic tex mex meal that is easy to make and easy on the pocket book.

The fresh corn-on-the-cob season is ending, so I will just have to look forward to next summer for the bountiful tomatillos, tomatoes and tasty golden treats of corn on the cob.