In one of my last ditch attempt to hang on to summer, I decided to add more lemon in my life with the Italian Citron Tart featured in the Two Greedy Italians cookbook. I saw it created on the show earlier in the summer and was intrigued. I love citrus, especially lemon, ricotta, mascarpone, etc… All combined in a tart, I had to give it a go.

Ricotta Cheese

I don’t usually cook or bake with candied peel, but this stuff was the real deal. Huge chunks of lemon, citron and orange candied till translucent.


I got to put my new hand mixer to the test whisking egg whites. Kenwood Kmix, you are a dream.

Whisking egg white

The tart looks as it should before it hits the oven.

tart before the oven

Hmmm… this looks more like a souffle than a tart. I’m not sure if my oven temp was too high, but I don’t remember the tart looking like this when Antonio Carluccio made it.

souffle or tart

It tasted nice, but the texture was a bit mealy.

slice of tart

We enjoyed it, but as it wasn’t really suitable for freezing, I’m not sure this will stay in regular rotation.


It was a fun challenge and I might give it a go again for a big party or something. But I’ll re-watch the Two Greedy Italians Amalfi episode to see where I may have gone wrong.