The theme of ‘Shoes’ for this week’s gallery was entirely appropriate given that I spent all Monday afternoon searching for appropriate shoes for mini G.

He has school shoes, he has ‘everyday’ shoes and he has sandals. What he didn’t have was straight up trainers.  Mini G signed up for youth football (soccer) training and he needed trainers for running around and kicking the ball. We live in a fairly small town with a very limited selection when it comes to kids apparel. Thankfully at our last resort shop, I found a pair of shoes that didn’t break the bank, seem sturdy enough for the trashing they will get from mini G and best of all, mini G liked them. (He’s quite particular when it comes to fashion).

Mini G Trainers

My shoes, however, are well loved and worn in.  These boots were probably not made for walking, but that’s just what I do. I had to replace the heels of both and the sole of one due to significant wear.  I love these sassy cowboy boots.