I usually write about baking, but I’m starting a new chapter in my life this week so that is front and center. I really should say WE are starting a new chapter because it’s not just me. In fact, I’m not really doing anything… It’s all mini G. He starts primary school today. The past four years, 8 months and 15 days have flown by (but I’m not counting or anything).

I’m not sure I am ready for this, it’s all too fast. It feels like yesterday we were here:
First minutes

The first day of nursery doesn’t feel that long ago…
First day of nursery

Or his first steps…
First steps

Has it really been four years since we celebrated his first birthday in California?! (jet lag face!)…
First birthday

Not to mention his first word – ‘baby’, first drawings, the first time he wrote his name, first time riding a bike… Growing up is all happening so fast.
First day of school

All ready to go

Thankfully, I’ve been very organised. I sorted out his uniform the minute I knew what he needed. I ironed on labels with his name, courtesy of Stuck On You, into all of his things. These labels were fantastic. They fused directly onto the fabric, so there is no worry of washing off. Hopefully this will minimise mini G losing anything.  I bought him a proper rucksack that will hopefully last a while and in it fits his new personalised lunchbox for packed lunches. The lunchbox was also courtesy of Stuck On You. There were tons of choices, but I went for the robots. Mini G was happy with my selection! Stuck On You is a fantastic site for one stop shopping for all personalised school supplies.

I think he’s got everything.  I am sure I will fret and worry, but he’s ready and excited and rarring to go!  I just need to take a deep breath and know that everything will be ok.

First day of school 2