The timing for this week’s Gallery theme of “Water” was perfect as we have recently returned from a holiday by the sea. There was a lot of water during our holiday as it rained for most of it. We did have some breaks when we were able to enjoy the beauty of the north Norfolk coast.

We used to live in Brighton, literally a stones throw from the sea, but we never went there. You can get complacent knowing something is on your doorstep with the thinking of “I’ll get to it eventually,”. Now living about as far from the sea as you can get, I appreciate the seaside a lot more.

Mini G Salthouse

Mini G loves the sea. He can’t get enough of it. I think he spent about an hour throwing stones into the water at the beach pictured above.

Mini G Cromer

He had no fear of treading into the waves to get water for his sandcastle moat.

Mini G West Runton

And no matter how cold it was, he wanted to be next to the sea.

Rock Pool

When in Norfolk, one must partake in searching for crabs so we went on a rockpooling adventure as the tide went out. Mini G loved searching under rocks and was on the hunt for a big one. I think we managed to find about seven that afternoon.

I definitely have a water baby, we’ll have to get back to the seaside soon.