Mini G is a big fan of Ben 10.  He’s been watching the cartoons for about a year, ranging from Ben’s early years up to the later years of Alien Force, so when I was asked to review the Ben 10 Alien Locator iPhone app, we jumped at the chance.


My family recently went on holiday to the Norfolk coast.  Unfortunately, the weather was less than stellar for a beach side visit.  This did, however, give Mini G and I a chance to check out the Ben 10 Alien Locator game on my phone.

The game is rated 4+, which is good because Mini G is 4 (going on 14), but I had a go first to see what it was all about and to show G how to play.

There are 15 levels of play and each one gets incrementally faster.  Mini G was find for the first few levels, but then gave up as it became a bit too difficult.  I played through a few more, and yes, it does go very fast.


For younger kids, I think this game is great for memory association.  They have to look in the corner to see which Alien they need to tap (or locate) and then find the ones that match exactly.  For older kids (or adults), this game is challenging and keeps you playing.

This game will definitely stay in our app collection to be played by Mini G as he gets older, but I am sure I’ll be having a go every now and then for some Alien Locator fun.

Ben 10 Alien Locator iPhone App is available from the iTunes store for £1.79.

**This app was provided to me at no charge for review and these views are my own.**