I am getting myself back into shape. But let’s go back to the beginning…

On and off throughout my life since adolescence I’ve battled weight issues. I managed to get thin in high school, only to gain the freshman 15 (and more!) into college. Then in my late twenties, I got thin again. This lasted for a few years and then I moved to the UK. As I adjusted to a new live in a new country, I fed my insecurities with the deliciousness that is comfort food like stodgy meat and potato based food or tasty puddings and cakes. Then I got pregnant and had to adjust to a new way of life so I turned to food once again. But back in February I looked at myself in the mirror and did NOT like what I saw. I’d really let myself go and it was time for a change.

I recently read (for the second time) Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat. This was the kick start I needed. I could do this, for real this time. I wanted to get fit.

I consciously changed my eating habits, not by extreme dieting but by cutting down on the calories. I didn’t cut out my favourite foods, I just ate less of them. I even got social with my regime by downloading a fitness app to my phone to help me keep track of what I ate and the cardio exercise I did. And although I’m only halfway to my goal, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since February.

One of the changes I made to my diet was eating more yoghurt.


A very healthy recipe my husband and I put together was a Spiced BBQ chicken with Total Greek Yoghurt, cucumber, beetroot and pita on the side. This meal feels indulgent, but is very low in calories.


The Menu: The chicken was skinless, marinated with cumin and smoked paprika and grilled served with diced cucmber, diced beetroot with fresh coriander sprinkled on top, a dollop of Total Greek yoghurt, one pita grilled and sliced in half  and garnished with fresh mint from our garden.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up flavour, in fact over the past few months we’ve found the opposite. I definitely feel better about myself for the change in diet. But as I said before, the metamorphosis is only half complete… (watch this space)

** I am reviewing Total Greek Yoghurt in a series of posts over the next week. I am not being paid to do so, but have been sent the yoghurt free of charge from Total. These views are my own. **