This is my first time participating in the Gallery. Grandparents is a very special theme to me. I’d only ever grown up with my Papa Joe on my mom’s side of the family since my Grandmother passed away two years before I was born. On my dad’s side of the family, I was lucky to have known both my grandparents. My Papa Phil passed away when I was 20, but my Grandma is still alive, although she does’t really remember me.

Family is pretty important to me. I hate being so far away from mine, especially when it comes to my own son knowing his grandparents (my side anyway). Thankfully there’s Skype for that. It’s one of the reasons we live where we do as my husbands family is just down the road and are very much a part of our lives.

It was nice to go through my box of photos. For those who have read my previous post on why I hate 4th of July, you can see the effect of the fire first hand. I was lucky to salvage these memories.

Here are my grandparents…

This is me and my Papa Phil on his 80th birthday. This photograph means a lot to me as I processed and printed it myself.

Turning back the clock a few years, this photo was taken on my 10th birthday in 1984. It is one of my favorite images of my dad and his dad. Loving the tube socks, Dad!

When I went away to university, I lived right near my grandparents and spent the holidays with them when possible. Here’s me and Papa Phil on Thanksgiving 1992.

This was a lovely day with my Grandma celebrating my sister’s wedding.

And last, but definitely not least… Papa Joe. I have so many amazing memories with Papa Joe from the summer’s spent at his house, surprise lunch dates when I was at Universities and one of my favorite memories of him driving me all the way to Monterey when I missed a flight. The stories he told… he passed away in 2006, but his legacy lives on with my son who was born later that year and shares his birthday.

Special thanks to Sticky Fingers for hosting The Gallery