Anyone who knows me from my Seattle days and even my New York days to some extent knows that I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie.  In fact, at one point, they were world famous.  They were shipped to New York when I lived in Seattle, I baked them for bands touring through and I shipped them to a few fans UK when I lived in New York. I used the old faithful Toll House recipe back then and it was a hit. You can’t get Nestle Toll House chocolate chips very easily here and when you do find them, the price is highway robbery.  I settle for either the tiny packs that are on offer at the local supermarkets or I chop up a chocolate bar for chunky chips.

Biscuits or cookies are a favourite accompaniment with tea and coffee in the Punch Comms office.  Generally the boys take turns buying old faves like the hob nob or custard creams.  This time, I said to them, “If you buy the chocolate chips, I’ll throw in the eggs and flour and bake you chocolate chip cookies.”  The challenge was set.

Sugar and butter

Mixing the batter

Since I’d grown so used to the Toll House recipe, I decided to set myself even more of a challenge.  I was going to try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Lo and behold my favourite patissiere, Eric Lanlard, recently featured his Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on LoveFood.  He hasn’t steered me wrong yet, so I’m giving it a go…

Milk and Dark Choc Chips

Bowl of dough

The recipe itself is a bit different.  This one calls for half the white sugar than brown sugar, rather than the same amount in the Toll House recipe.  It also calls for one egg and one yolk vs two eggs in the Toll House.  And, the butter is melted rather than creamed with the sugar.   I also combined dark and milk chocolate chips just to shake things up a bit.

Scoops of Dough

In Eric’s recipe, he suggests using an ice cream scoop to measure out the cookie dough on to the baking sheets.  This is a great idea.  I always had a hard time making equal amounts of dough with a regular spoon.  I didn’t want such large cookies, so instead of an ice cream scoop, I used a measuring tablespoon.

Cookie Stack

The verdict is in… the cookies are VERY tasty.  The cookies are bit crispier than their Toll House cousins, but very light in texture.  These will go perfectly with the tea and coffee break at work tomorrow. Oh and tomorrow is Social Media Day, a perfect way to celebrate – getting social and eating cookies!