Martin and I were able to have what I guess is called a “date night”. Mini G went to Nanny and Poppy’s for a sleepover and we hit the open road down to London to celebrate a dear friend’s marriage.

The reception was a brillant low key party with AMAZING (yes, it deserves all caps) food at a cafe in Stoke Newington called Lemon Monkey.

In addition to the indulgent smoked meat platter and lovely cheeses, the cupcakes were a real treat. I was curious to see how they got them almost cylindrical. One of the bakers at the cafe has some tins (according to the staff). I must find out what sort of tins they are. They make the cutest rustic cupcake. The cream cheese frosting was so moreish, I found it hard to stop – but I did. No need to put on those lbs I recently lost!

lemon monkey cupcake

Ahh, date night. We don’t have enough photos together anymore. I’m behind the camera most of the time.

night out

At wedding receptions, one tends to chat with everyone. Martin and I got into a conversation about food, baking etc with two lovely ladies, Analise who let me in on her secret to the best crumble ever (a pinch of ground coriander in the crumble mixture – who knew!?) and Lisa who turns out to be a reader of Cupcakesandotherstuff! I know people read my blog, I can see from my stats, but to meet one in the flesh who isn’t my dad or someone from my Twitter feed or Facebook page. So here’s a shout out to Lisa – thank you so much for reading!!

new fan Lisa

I need to get out more often. I’ll definitely be heading back to Lemon Monkey. When I find out what sort of tins they used, I’ll be baking my own cylindrical cupcakes…