I come from California so it makes sense that I am a huge fan of Mexican food. The UK is severely lacking in selection and variety of condiments to accompany Mexican style meals so Martin and I decided to make our own hot sauce.

Using guajillo and chipotle dried chilis I procured from a recent trip to Whole Foods in London, we created a VERY HOT hot sauce for our evening meal.

guajillo and chipotle

I love chilis so I get a bit silly when I am around them.

chili moustache

Make sure to de seed your chilis, otherwise you could cause a four alarm fire in your mouth.


We mixed garlic, a bit of brown sugar and vinegar to create the sauce.

garlic sugar chili

And then blitzed it in the food processor mini blender.


And, voila…Hot sauce!

Hot sauce

This will last a few weeks in the fridge in a well sealed glass container and is the perfect accompaniment to chicken or pork.