One of our favorite meals is chilli. Part of my family is from Texas, so it’s pretty much in my blood. The husband makes a vat of it so we can freeze it and have a handy “ready meal”.

One of my favorite “scents” is roasted red peppers, it’s also a key ingredient for making the chilli super yummy.

Normally a couple of lagers gets chucked in for added flavor, but this time we decided to go with red wine. Reducing the wine with a bit of beef stock gives the chilli a very savory flavor.

The browned meat and roasted peppers are ready to be combined with the softened onions and reduction.

The chilli is ready. I wish it was dinner time, because I tested it and I could eat the whole pot. Thankfully, it’s what we’re having tonight and there are 6 more meals going into the freezer for a future date.

Now I just need to get my cornbread swerve on… ahh, a project for next weeked – watch this space!