Last Sunday was a bit of a mad one, but I did manage to fit in more baking. I really fancied some oatmeal raisin cookies and had a surplus of raisins and oats. It was meant to be.

I tried a recipe that received 5 stars from Allrecipes and decided to give it a go. The batter looked right and the ingredients were the ones I remembered, although I think I would use all butter rather than splitting it with butter flavored shortening next time.

I needed to get all of the cookies baked before dinner and then jumping on a late night conference call… (yeah, on a Sunday, I know! But duty calls or conference calls…)

Even though I wouldn’t use shortening next time, they tasted mighty fine.

I managed to finish baking them just in time and was able to enjoy a late night snack during the conference call to console myself for working on a Sunday night.