I invited some friends round to our house so that our kids could hang out together.  The boys are best mates at pre-school, but are now in different classrooms. Mini G  and his friend went upstairs to play with Lego® and cars while the adults got to hang out downstairs and enjoy grown up conversation with coffee, tea and cake.

A is wheat intolerant so I experimented with a new recipe for Flour Free Almond Sponge Cake out of Eric Lanlard’s Home Bake.  (This book is amazing and hasn’t steered me wrong yet!)

The secret ingredient for a flour-free cake is ground almonds.  Combining ingredients works a bit differently too from regular sponge cake.  Instead of creaming the butter and sugar, the recipe instructed mixing the eggs and sugar together and adding melted butter later.

On first attempt, I probably could have baked it at a lower temperature for a bit longer, but the results didn’t suffer from this.

I will definitely be adding this cake to my repertoire as it’s a cake anyone can enjoy.