While perusing the cookshop yesterday, I thought it would be a great idea to bake cut-out cookies with mini G.  I came home enthusiastic and inspired by all of the baking paraphernalia at the shop.  (I could spend so much money there, but I refrained and only purchased some mini heart decorations and red/white polkadot cupcake paper cups, but that’s for another post).  Mini G did not share my enthusiasm for baking the cookies, he just wanted to eat them.

I have to admit that I’m not that keen on making cut-out cookies. Generally, the dough doesn’t roll properly or maybe it’s my lack of patience, but since having grasped and succeeded with pastry I was confident I could make the cookie dough work.

I love cookie cutters.  I have a very eclectic collection.  I decided I would bring out the cowboy, the cactus, the cat, the dachshund and the latest addition to my collection, the puzzle piece.

For the first time in forever, my cut-out cookies were going well, but on the last batch I noticed that after the 8 minutes they normally take to come out with just browned edges, they didn’t look cooked at all. Much to my dismay, the heating element had decided to blow.  Thankfully, it was the last batch and I was able to salvage them by giving them a blast with the grill, which was still working.

We decided to pass on decorating after the oven gave up the ghost. Mini G prefers them plain, anyway and proceeded to eat about 4 in one go.

The oven has, however, put my future baking projects on hold for a while. Not to mention put a serious spanner in our menu planning.  No roast chicken for me tonight 😦  We’ll just have microwaved popcorn instead…