This was a weekend for make ahead food for the freezer.  It was also a weekend for testing and practicing.  We tested and practiced corn tortillas, pancakes and pastry (but I’ll get to the pancakes pastry later).

One of my very favorite foods is Mexican food and enchiladas are one of my favorite meals in that category. We set out making corn tortillas to be used with the enchiladas, but that didn’t exactly happen.  I’m not sure if was because the Masa Harina was past it’s best by date or we haven’t perfected the recipe yet, but they didn’t come out flexible enough to wrap up for enchiladas.  No worries though, they’ll be perfect for huevos rancheros. I did however practice and perfect my rolling technique and the use of the electric crepe pan in lieu of a comal.

Next up, the red sauce… we made loads as it’s perfect as enchilada sauce or hot salsa on its own.

Since enchiladas were on the menu for dinner, we couldn’t give up.  Store bought flour tortillas would have to do.

We stuffed them with leftover roast chicken and cheese, slathered them with the sauce and covered that with grated cheddar (although we really should have been using Monterey Jack).

Not quite authentic, but tasty nonetheless.  This just gives us an excuse to keep practicing… yum!