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Christmas 2010 has come and gone. Unfortunately, this year I caught the winter flu just in time for the big day.  Thankfully I was able to power through so that it didn’t disrupt the special day for the little man.  On the whole he was a good boy this year and was rewarded by the big man in the red suit.  Santa was rather good to me as well, so no complaints all in all.

Christmas eve was a low key affair with Ultimate Nachos and an episode of Fringe before preparing Santa’s treats.

Mini G left Santa a nice plate of food consisting of a ham sandwich, mince pie, carrot for Rudolph and a small glass of sherry to keep him going on his long journey.

We tracked Santa for a bit via the Norad Santa Tracker, he was making good time through Russia when Mini G finally went to bed.  He wanted to sleep under the Christmas tree and wait with his torch, but I convinced him that Santa only comes if everyone is asleep.  That seemed to do the trick.

Christmas morning was as good as any kid could ask for filled with superheroes, legos, bikes, cameras and globes. We left Mini G to all his goodies and began the preparations for the main event… Christmas dinner.

This year we decided it should be simple but amazing and that’s exactly what we delivered.  The menu consisted of roast turkey, roast potatoes, sprouts with pancetta, bread stuffing with mushrooms and cranberry sauce.

While the chef was busy in the kitchen, I put the final touches on the table.

I went a bit above and beyond this year with handmade napkins, fancy crackers and sparkley christmas tree place holders.

But, hey… it’s Christmas…  bring on the New Year!

I’m giving proper blogging a go.  It’s going to be my new year’s resolution to get the foodie, tv, fun stuff blog underway.

Watch this space as 2011 approaches…

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